keeping CP safe from rude people

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keeping CP safe from rude people

Post  -UNKNOWN- on Tue Oct 30, 2012 5:30 am

Hey CPY! its -UNKNOWN-(that's my nickname Very Happy Very Happy )
I've just registered here in CPY, so please be nice to me and lets become friends!
keeping CP safe is not easy.. here are some ways to keep it SAFE:
1.If u see someone breaking the rules of CP, report it to a Mod Immediately. Don't cover for them.. that's very unpleasant
2. Don't fall for tricks, people with bad intentions might want to get information from u. Don't give them any(actually this might be for your own good)
3. Don't be seduced by them. don't fear them. if u know what you're doing is right, do it.
4. Don't use cheats!(also for your own good)

that's it! Hope this will help you and CP to be safe.. Smile Smile
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